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Overseas DUIs: 3 Legal Consequences

While some things that happen on vacation can stay on vacation, overseas DUIs aren't one of them.

If a person gets a DUI in a foreign country, he or she can face legal ramifications both in the foreign country and in the United States.

Here are three legal consequences of getting a DUI overseas.

3 Oscar-Winning Drunk Driving Arrests

With the Oscars concluding Sunday, it's worth noting that on more than one occasion, Oscar winners have caught the spotlight for their drunk driving arrests.

It's a nice way to remember that if you've had a brush with the law over a DUI, you're not alone. Even Oscar winners experience DUI issues.

Here are three Oscars winners who faced DUI charges:

'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Charged With DUI

Oops, he did it again -- this time, David Cassidy, star of "The Partridge Family" has been charged with a DUI in Los Angeles.

Before this most recent arrest, the former teen heartthrob was arrested for DUIs in Florida and New York, SFGate reports.

So what led to Cassidy's Los Angeles DUI and will his previous arrests affect his sentencing?

3 Ways to Legally Beat a Breathalyzer

Although you should never, ever drink and drive, there are times when you may be able to legally beat a Breathalyzer test.

Breathalyzers measure the concentration of alcohol in your breath, which is basically measuring the amount of evaporated alcohol you push out into the air while you're breathing. However, there's nothing you can physically do, like chewing gum, to manipulate the reading.

Although pounding water when you get pulled over won't affect the reading, you can challenge the results of the Breathalyzer in court.

LAPD Adds Drug Swabs to DUI Checkpoints

In Los Angeles, law enforcement officers have begun to use drug swabs at DUI checkpoints to stem the tide of drugged driving. The swabs, which were used New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, allow officials to test for marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit substances.

But is it legal for the LAPD to use these drug swabs at DUI checkpoints?

The Where, What, and How of DUI Checkpoints

With law enforcement cracking down on drunken driving across the nation, the use of DUI checkpoints is becoming increasingly popular. But what exactly are they and how are they legal?

Here's the what, where, and how of DUI checkpoints:

What Does Pleading Not Guilty to a DUI Mean?

In mid-October 2013, Lamar Odom has pleaded "not guilty" to a DUI charge. The reality TV celebrity and former Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers forward was charged with one misdemeanor count of a DUI, stemming from an arrest in August, Los Angeles' KCBS-TV reports.

On the day of his arrest, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer pulled Odom over after he appeared to be driving slowly and weaving between lanes, reportedly showing "objective signs or symptoms of intoxication." Odom was also unable to perform the standard field sobriety tests as explained.

Despite all the objective signs of possible guilt for a DUI, why would Odom plead not guilty?

Immigration Consequences of DUI

What are the consequences of a DUI for immigrants? Privileges for immigrants have been expanding recently. Perhaps most notably in California, where a law was just signed allowing undocumented immigrants living in California to be eligible to apply for driver's licenses, Reuters reports.

However, these privileges are not without consequences. If a non-citizen is convicted of a DUI, the results may look very different for an immigrant as opposed to a U.S. citizen. Here's a breakdown of what immigration consequences may come from a DUI for three immigration categories:

UCLA's Nick Pasquale Killed in Pedestrian-Car Crash

UCLA wide receiver Nick Pasquale was killed in a pedestrian-car crash on Sunday. Pasquale, 20, was walking in a residential neighborhood when he was struck by a car, and died at the scene, reports The Orange County Register. The driver of the vehicle was questioned, but then released. According to the Orange County Sheriff's department, there were no indicators of drug or alcohol involvement.

The sad tragedy of the former San Clemente High School graduate is an unfortunate reminder that, in car accidents, it's not only the driver, passengers, or vehicles that get hurt, but also pedestrians.

Here are some general legal and safety considerations when it comes to pedestrian-car accidents.

Recent Holiday DUI Arrests Jump More Than 40%: 4 Tips

During the 2013 Fourth of July holiday weekend in Los Angeles County, police made 43% more DUI-related arrests than they did the year before. According to NBC, nearly 500 people were arrested during a 2-day period (from Thursday to Saturday) in Los Angeles County.

The year prior, in 2012, the arrests numbered around 340.

Since our next holiday weekend, Labor Day, is just around the corner, here are 4 tips that you may want to keep in mind if you intend to include alcohol in your holiday plans: