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John Kerry's Daughter Takes DUI Arrest

Senator John Kerry's eldest daughter Alexandra Forbes Kerry was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles on suspicion of a DUI.

Reality Television Star Shayne Lamas Arrested For DUI

Former "Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas, who now has her own reality television show "Lamas to Lamas", allegedly drove through a mandatory check point in Venice, CA last Saturday, confident that she would pass a breath test. But even with just a couple drinks, Lamas apparently blew over the legal limit.

Are Alcoholic Energy Drinks Safe?

The combination of alcohol and caffeine in a single beverage, may lead to an increase in drunk drivers on the streets of Los Angeles, according to The Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA says that drinks like Wide Eye and Smirnoff Raw Tea can hide the intoxicating effects of alcohol, possibly leading to an increase in drunk driving, sexual assault and other destructive behavior. Associated Press reports that the FDA has not yet approved the addition of caffeine to alcoholic beverages and has told companies that include North America Inc., Constellation Brands Inc. and United Brands Co., that they must show how caffeine can be "safely and lawfully" added to alcoholic drinks.

Lindsay Lohan's DUI Back in the Public Eye

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is back in the drunk driving spotlight again, two years after her notorious DUI in 2007.

Twenty-three year old Lohan now faces an extra year of probation for the DUI arrest. A Beverly Hills Superior Court judge extended the celebrity's probation last month from three years to four years because she had missed mandatory alcohol education classes as part of her 2007 sentence.

Man Pleads Guilty Of Drunk Driving Four Years After Incident

Los Angeles DUI attorneys are now questioning what could happen to Youn Bum Lee, a man who killed a motorcyclist while under the influence of alcohol, then fled to South Korea to avoid an arrest.

Lee drove with his headlights off and crashed into a freeway median in October 2005 on the 55 freeway in Santa Ana. During the incident he killed Ryan Dallas Cook, who had been riding in the carpool lane, after Cook had been thrown off his motorcycle and had been run over by several other vehicles.