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Eighteen Year Old Charged With Felony DUI

Los Angeles law enforcers say that in a collision between a car and cyclist, the person driving the vehicle usually suffers minor or no injuries, while the person on the bike is often found dead or paralyzed.

Eighteen year old Celine Mahdavi allegedly hit a cyclist with a Mercedes Benz SUV at the intersection of La Cienega Boulevard and Holloway Drive around 12:15 am Thursday. She tried to flee the scene after she struck the victim, but deputies were able to arrest her after she drove just a few blocks away from the crash. The Los Angeles Sheriff Department reported Mahdavi's blood alcohol level between .05 and .08.

Mahdavi was charged with three felony counts, including a felony hit and run, felony DUI, and felony DUI under the age of 21. While the teenager could be suffering harsh consequences with the law, many people see the biker's condition as much worse. The West Hollywood police report that the bicyclist suffered "massive injuries" with broken hands and extensive facial injuries. The cyclist was taken to a nearby emergency room on Thursday and put into intensive care.

Most California DUI charges are charged as misdemeanors, but because of the extreme circumstances where Mahdavi allegedly injured another person, the teenage girl is being charged with felony counts for driving under the influence. Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers say that felony DUIs are treated much more severely than a misdemeanor DUI, where the consequences can lead to years of imprisonment.