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Fontana Holding Sober New Years Eve Event for Teens

A sober New Years Eve can be fun, especially if you’re a teenager living in San Bernardino County. 

Community groups are coming together to throw a drug and alcohol free party for teenagers on New Years Eve at the Jack Bulik Teen Center in Fontana, located at 16581 Filbert Street. Now we might not have to hear the sad stories of local teenagers killing people in DUI crashes and then hiring the Los Angeles drunk driving lawyers to help with the defense.

The event has been organized by the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, Kayos Kidz National Society of Drug Free Teens, and the Fontana Community Coalition. The party is intended to honor the teenagers who are choosing the commitment to remain sober in 2010.

“Often times our youth are simply looking for assurance the party is safe and alcohol and drug-free in order to avoid the peer pressure that comes with those elements. I applaud our MYAC for taking responsibility for ensuring such an environment exists on New Year’s Eve and encourage parents throughout Fontana to be mindful of the example they set in their decisions they make New Year’s Eve,” said Fontana Mayor Mark Nuaimi in the Fontana Herald News.

The Center of Disease Control conducted a survey in 2007 among high school students across the country, where CDC found that during any 30-day period, 45 percent of teens drank some amount of alcohol, 11 percent drove after drinking alcohol, and 29 percent rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol.

Activities planned for the New Years Eve party in Fontana include a “Guitar Hero” contest, dancing, food, and raffle prizes. The event is free for anybody ages 10 to 18 with a school ID.