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Take a Ride on the "Tipsy Tow"

Do you need a Tipsy Tow? Representitives of the Automobile Club of Southern California are happy to give people a tow, if it means keeping drunk drivers off the road on New Years Eve. 

The Automobile Club's Tipsy Tow service on New Years Eve provides people with a free car tow up to seven miles, for those who are intoxicated and cannot drive home. Drivers can expect to pay the rate charged by the tow truck contractor for rides farther than seven miles.

 The Tipsy Tow program is offered in 13 Southern California counties, where the service will be available from 6:00 PM on December 31 through 11:59 PM on January 1. All a person has to do is call 1-800-400-4AAA and tell the Auto Club operator, "I need a Tipsy Tow."

A Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer would agree that programs like Tipsy Tow have the potential to be effective if executed properly. More than 1000 people die each year because of a drunk driving related incidents, where the collisions and arrests can all be avoided if people have alternative ways of getting home after drinking.

Drivers should also be aware that the Los Angeles Police Department and California Highway Patrol will be conducting multiple sobriety checkpoints on New Years Eve and have extra law enforcers on the holiday dedicated to stopping drunk drivers and making DUI arrests. So if you're driving through Los Angeles on New Years Eve, just be careful and make sure you're sober.