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In the earlier blog post, Big Island Making Big Changes, there was discussion of how Hawaii is taking effective measures to decrease drunk driving on the roads with its Holiday Shared Ride Taxi program. The program offers bar patrons in Hawaii free taxi coupons as an alternative to driving away from establishments under the influence. Now, people in Los Angeles will be happy to know that similar measures have come into play here in the Golden State.

The program is being funded through a private organization, where many Los Angeles residents have praised the private organization for striving to take drunk drivers off the road.

The nonprofit Lev Foundation in Beverly Hills is offering free $10 taxi vouchers through the month of December, in hopes of encouraging groups and individuals to think of alternative transportation options before consuming alcohol. The nonprofit group has partnered with other non-profit organizations, bars and restaurants to promote celebrating the holidays responsibly. The foundation was originally formed by family and friends of 25-year-old Daniel Levian, who was killed last year while riding in a car driven by a drunk driver

The Lev Foundation has set a limit on the free taxi vouchers to just one voucher per household. But even just one free taxi ride can make all the difference when it comes to drunk driving prevention. Representatives with the Lev Foundation hope that when people receive a voucher, they will realize that taking a taxi ride can be a reasonable alternative to driving under the influence.