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Breath Analyzers Strike Debate Among Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyers

While some Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers may question the accuracy of portable breath tests, a study by WinterGreen Research shows that a growing number of people are buying personal breath analyzers, so that they can measure their own blood alcohol level before getting into cars and driving.

A portable breath test is not usually as accurate as the Breathalyzer device police use, but the handheld breath tests are more convenient for people to carry around, and they’re a lot cheaper for the average consumer. Drug stores like CVS and Wallgreens often sell such devices for less than $100.

THV reports that millions of people across the country are investing in the device, in hopes of being able to determine if they’re able to drive or not. The increase in popularity shows that people really are interested in their own safety. It can be seen as a step in the right direction toward keeping those drunk drivers off the road.

The breath analyzer market made less than $30 million in 2005, but that number has grown by almost 800 percent. Now the breath analyzer market is making $215.2 million, according to THV.

Yet any Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer would say that the best way to avoid a DUI, is to simply not drink and drive. These hand held breath analyzers may give the impression that people can consume much more alcohol than what is actually safe for driving. Few people in Los Angeles also realize that a person can be charged with a DUI with any amount of alcohol, even if the blood-alcohol level is below .08. So it’s probably best to play it safe, and not drink before driving, period.