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California Office of Traffic Safety Announces Mocktail Contest Winner

The California Office of Traffic Safety announced last week that the grand prize in the Mocktail Recipe Contest was awarded to the "Green Meenie Martini" recipe, submitted by Kimberly Beck. She was awarded a a two-night stay at a Joie De Vivre hotel in San Francisco.

The contest began in mid-December and had the goal of providing alternatives to consuming alcohol, where designated drivers could consume delicious drinks that allow them to feel included in the party. Nobody wants a DUI on their record, and what better to avoid DUI charges then by not drinking and driving at all.

The California Office of Traffic Safety, the state department that administers grant funding to reduce traffic deaths and injuries, had the contest opened to the general public, in which people were asked to submit their favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes.

"Driving drunk is a problem, but at the same time we don't want people to not have a good time," Chris Cochran, the department's spokesman, said in The Sacramento Bee. "We're not anti-alcohol, we're anti alcohol plus driving."

The California Office of Traffic Safety designated certain judges to evaluate the drinks and choose a winner. A list of non-alcoholic mocktail drink recipes can be found on the department's website. So instead of that Bloody Mary, why not try a Sweet and Sassy Mary?