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DUI Offender May Compete in Winter Olympics

So you've been convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles and you're thinking about how to cope with a conviction. While a DUI has serious consequences in California, offenders still have plenty of life opportunities. And with the help of a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer, you may even be able to get a DUI expunged.

At age 27, ski cross racer Chris Del Bosco hopes to win an Olympic medal after all his hard work training and long-time efforts of recovering from alcoholism. The man from Colorado will likely be competing for Canada (where his father is from) in the Vancouver Olympics in ski cross, a sport that is making its Olympic debut.

Del Bosco has been convicted of three DUIs in the United States and has a history of drug abuse. As a teenager, people saw him as an ambitious alpine skier. But at the age of 17, Del Bosco was stripped of a junior national title and kicked off the U.S. ski team after he tested positive for marijuana.
But even with his troubled past, Del Bosco hopes to accomplish his dreams. His story shows that even DUI offenders can have a second chance at life. He has attended multiple alcohol rehabilitation and education programs, including one 90-day residential treatment program in Southern California

"I've wanted to be an Olympic champion since I was a little kid," Del Bosco told USA Today. Hopefully he can still accomplishes his dreams and leave his past behind.