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Graphic Video Footage Released of Los Angeles Hit and Run

Warning: Do not watch the video below, if you're sensitive to graphic videos. The short segment shows a real-life hit and run incident that occurred on December 28 around 6:00 pm. Police have identified the victims to be ages 14 and 3. They were crossing Main Street, near 43rd street in Los Angeles.

The incident happens so quickly, that it's difficult to process what happens. Though it can be quite scary to see such a graphic hit and run collision, the video shines light on the severity of such extreme hit and run incidents, that are likely alcohol related.

Police say that the driver struck 14-year-old Flor Portillo and her three year old niece, where the girls were flown about 40 feet, before hitting the ground. The driver did not stop after the incident to help the girls. The Los Angeles police are still trying to track down the driver, who has not been identified yet.

ABC News describes the suspect only as a woman who has an older two-door, white sedan with a stop lamp in the middle of the back window. It may also have collision damage to the right front headlamp or light cover.

While some people may criticize the two young girls for jaywalking and not using a crosswalk, it's still very irresponsible for the driver not to stop after an accident occurs. Perhaps she was driving under the influence, and wanted to avoid a DUI charge. But now she'll likely be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, if she's caught. Not even a skilled DUI lawyer in Los Angeles will be able to save her.

Detectives are hoping that the release of the video will prompt witnesses of the incident to come forward. Anyone with information is urged to call (877) LAPD-24-7 or Crimestoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.