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Two Suspected Drunk Drivers Crash Into Each Other in Van Nuys

A suspected drunk driver was driving eastbound at the 13800 block of Sherman Way early Sunday, but as the driver was making a U-Turn, another suspected drunk driver in a pickup truck hit the vehicle. At least three people were injured during the crash and were taken to the hospital.

The car was pushed onto a curb, while the truck spun and pushed a parked sport utility vehicle onto a parked Ford Mustang, according to The Los Angeles Times. The driver and passenger of the truck tried to flee the scene by foot, but police eventually caught up with them. The driver of the truck was put under arrest for a felony hit-and-run and is still under investigation for a misdemeanor DUI.
"It was ugly," Los Angeles Police Officer James LaForce said in the Los Angeles Times. "They're lucky they're alive."

The other driver involved in the collision was a woman in her early 20s. She is under investigation for a felony DUI. News reports have not indicated which driver is at fault for the collision, but since they're both being charged, they'll probably both need DUI lawyers in Los Angeles County.