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The Dangers Of Drowsy Driving

Which is more dangerous: drunk driving or drowsy driving? The answer isn't a no brainer.

ABC News reports that driving after not getting enough sleep can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence, according to a new AAA study. The results of the AAA study revealed that driving after staying awake for 24 hours was the same as having a blood-alcohol level of 0.10. It turns out that driving while sleepy is similar to driving under the influence.

The effects of drowsy driving include slower reaction times, impaired judgment, and a decreased sense of awareness. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs essentially has the same effects on the body. About 17 percent of fatal crashes result from cases where the driver was drowsy, where about 44,000 people are killed in these types of accidents each year.

Perhaps a Los Angeles DUI attorney would argue that drowsy driving is particularly dangerous because it is done so often. The Money Times reported that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that two out of every five drivers admitted to have fallen asleep while driving at some point in their lives. About 11 percent of the drivers that had fallen asleep had remained asleep for almost a minute on a multi-lane highway. So if you're feeling drowsy and need to get to a new location, it could be a smart decision to have a designated driver that isn't sleepy or under the influence of other drugs. You may just avoid a fatal crash.

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