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LAPD Officer Arrested For DUI

It looks like even law enforcers don't always obey the rules of the road. Some officers will actually commit crimes that endanger others and threaten public safety.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a veteran police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department was arrested on Saturday after driving on his motorcycle in the wrong direction through the Sepulveda Tunnel near LAX. Needless to say, it didn't take long for local law enforcement officers to identify the DUI suspect.

The drunk driving suspect was booked at LAPD's Pacific Division after the arrest. The officer who was accused of DUI did not have his name released to the local media, but it's been reported that the officer works in LAPD's Hollywood Division. The officer's blood-alcohol was also not available as of Monday April 25.

The good thing is that neither the LAPD officer nor other motorists were injured as a result of the alleged DUI incident. If another person was injured or if an accident resulted from the wrong-way driver, it's likely that the suspect would face more serious charges than a misdemeanor DUI.

This doesn't mean that the LAPD officer will get off lightly for the offense. A DUI conviction in Los Angeles can result in severe penalties that include jail time, probation, community service, fines, and completion of alcohol-education classes. Other consequences of a California DUI conviction can include an increase in insurance rates and issues with future background checks that could affect a person's ability to get a job or employment with a current job. Or, if you are a police officer, it may well cost you your job.

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