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DUI Suspect Hits Midnight Ridazz Cyclists in Baldwin Hills

Eleven cyclists with the group Midnight Ridazz were injured on Thursday morning after an alleged drunk driver plowed into the group at a Baldwin Hills scenic overlook. According to ABC News, the DUI suspect Christine Dahab told police officers that she was looking down at her phone at the time of the crash. So it looks like this is not only a case that involves impaired driving, but also distracted driving, also illegal in California.

Nine of the eleven injured victims of the accident were hospitalized and one victim was left in critical condition. Police arrested the driver after the incident and as of yesterday was being held on $15,000 bail. The crash still remains under investigation.

Defense lawyers in this case might question whether some of the accident victims had the legal right to be in the street when Dahab allegedly hit them with their vehicle. Police say that some of the cyclists stopped in the right lane to wait for other riders of the Midnight Ridazz. Because they were off of their bikes, they were technically pedestrians and thus had no legal right to the use of the traffic lane when they were hit. While bicyclists have the right to use the right traffic lane if they do not impede traffic, pedestrians are barred from the use of all traffic lanes.

This doesn't mean that Christine Dahab isn't legally responsible for the accident, as drivers do have the responsibility to exercise caution regardless of the circumstances. The group Midnight Ridazz, which consists of cyclists who regularly bike together on midnight rides, may also want to be be more cautious and watch out for drunks on the road at such late hours of the night.

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