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Hip Hop Video Model Charged in DeLorean DUI Bust

SueLyn Medeiros, the catwalking, sobriety test-failing hip hop video model, has been charged in connection with her DUI bust last month, reports

The Brazilian beauty was arrested in Hollywood on July 13th, on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Medeiros reportedly sideswiped a parked car with her DeLorean before she was pulled over and asked to do a sobriety test by police.

Officers told the celebrity gossip site TMZ that a "strong odor" of alcohol could be detected inside the car. The 25-year-old's blood-alcohol content level was later revealed to be at a .14, almost twice the legal limit of .08 percent.

Even without a BAC test, it was pretty apparent from Medeiros' arrest video that she was intoxicated as she strutted her stuff barefoot with a smile on her face while walking the standard sobriety-proving straight line.

Field sobriety tests, such as the "walk and turn," usually precede Breathalyzer tests and allow officers to observe a suspect's balance, motor skills, attention level and other factors. The results of the tests are used as evidence in DUI cases.

Maybe Medeiros mistakenly thought she was in a hip hop video instead of the middle of a DUI bust? Police reported that she also bragged incessantly about being a rich model and flirted with police while performing her sobriety test.

Apparently, the LAPD wasn't ready for her jelly.

Under California law, the hip hop video model could face jail time, license suspension, thousands of dollars in fees and probation if convicted. She probably wishes she could go back in time in her DeLorean and take that sobriety test during her DUI bust a bit more seriously.

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