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DUI Costs: Westminster Drivers May Have to Pay All of City's Costs

The current costs of a DUI are hefty: a suspended license, large fines, and even possible jail time. Oftentimes, convicted drunk drivers will pay the fines and move on, never questioning where they actually go to.

Many residents in several Orange County cities may be surprised to find that some of the fines go to the costs of the emergency response to a DUI collision. If a new ordinance is passed, the residents of the city of Westminster may be found liable for all of the city’s costs, reports The Orange County Register.

Suspected Drunk Mom Leaves Child at North Hollywood DUI Crash

A San Fernando Valley mother was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment after she flipped her car in North Hollywood and left her child at the DUI crash scene, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Authorities say the woman crashed into two cars and flipped her vehicle while driving down Whitnall Highway early Wednesday morning. Her four-year-old child was reportedly the only passenger inside the car when it flipped. News sources conflict on whether the child was her son or daughter.

Six Children Injured, Toddler Loses Foot in Alleged DUI Crash

Lake Los Angeles woman Stanesha Nicole Allen is under arrest after an alleged DUI crash she caused injured several children in her car, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Some of the victims, ranging in ages from 10 months to 11 years old, were partially ejected from the vehicle during the suspected DUI crash. Two of the children were airlifted to Antelope Valley Hospital with major injuries after the crash occurred Sunday morning in Lancaster.

One of the victims, a one-year-old boy reportedly had to have his foot amputated. The rest of the children and the thirty-one-year-old driver were later taken to the same hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

LA DUI Checkpoint Locations for the Weekend

If you’re like Rebecca Black, you’re lookin’ forward to the weekend and drivin’ on the highway. Before you jump in the car and hit the road, however, be aware that the Los Angeles Police Department will be holding DUI checkpoint locations at the following areas:

Demystifying the DUI Process: Post-Arrest Procedures

After seeing one "Cops" episode too many, you may think you have the DUI process down pat: cops pull you over, you fail a field sobriety test, and you're placed under arrest. But many drivers don't know the reality of a person's situation after the DUI arrest. What happens when you get sent to the drunk tank?

DUI post-arrest procedures are pretty much standard across the country. The typical post-arrest procedure includes a police officer taking you straight to jail, whether for failing a field sobriety test or refusing to take one. In jail, you'll find a diverse group of people waiting to be processed for a variety of crimes.

Fellow DUI offenders could be a genial surfer dude or a woman shaking in a business suit. All will have their hands behind their backs, either restrained or not, as part of jail safety rules.

Deadly Ferrari PCH Crash: Driver Has a History of DUI Convictions

The driver of a Ferrari involved in a deadly PCH crash on Sunday has a history of DUI convictions, reports KTLA News.

Although authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, it is likely that the driver, 24-year-old Vladimir Skortsov of Upland, shouldn’t have been allowed to drive at all given his lengthy driving record.

Skvortsov has been cited twice for driving under the influence, most recently in January, and has two DUI convictions. His first DUI conviction occurred in 2007, before he was legally allowed to drink, according to San Bernardino court records.

Five Things to Know about Ignition Interlocks in LA County

In an effort to introduce cutting-edge technology in the war against drunk driving, Los Angeles County was one of four counties selected to conduct an ignition interlock device pilot program.

Effective July 1, 2010, the five-year program requires all LA County drivers convicted of a first-offense DUI to install a certified ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Given its legislatively-mandated use, here are five things to know about ignition interlocks:

Hemet Man Arrested for Stealing Pickup, Causing 10 DUI Crashes

A Hemet man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after allegedly stealing a pickup while under the influence, causing at least 10 DUI crashes, and evading police, reports The Orange County Register.

Juan Carlos Rivero went on the DUI accident spree after stealing a truck filled with gardening equipment from a home in Santa Ana, Santa Ana police officer Anthony Bertagna said. Rivero was reportedly was under the influence of drugs.

Police believe he is the cause of at least 10 DUI crashes involving vehicle and personal property damage. Luckily, no injuries were reported, and officers finally caught up to Rivero half-an-hour after the truck was stolen.

Former Disney Singer, Shelby Cobra, Arrested for Underage DUI

Adding to the epidemic of former Disney stars who have trouble separating drinking from driving, a former Disney singer was arrested for an underage DUI early Friday morning.

Shelby Cobra, the 18-year-old former lead singer of the defunct Disney girl band KSM, reportedly had a blood-alcohol content level of 0.15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit, reports The teen singer, whose real name is Shelby Spalione, was driving a 2005 Ford F150 in Studio City when she was spotted with a passenger sitting sideways.

Labor Day Weekend DUI Crackdown: LA DUI Arrests Down

Although Los Angeles authorities' coordinated Summer/Labor Day Holiday DUI Mobilization crackdown caught a significant number of drunk drivers over the weekend, the total number of Los Angeles DUI arrests is down from last year, reports the AVOID Anti-DUI Program.

Authorities across Los Angeles County reportedly arrested 2,795 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the DUI campaign's time period: Friday, August 19 through Monday, September 5. In 2010, authorities reported a total of 3,141 arrests. Over the holiday weekend alone, running from Friday through Monday, authorities arrested 781 drivers in 2011. They arrested 873 drivers in 2010.

Consequences for Distracted Drivers: Death and Lawsuits?

While waiting for a stoplight to turn green, you hear the enticing chime from your cell phone. It may seem like just a second, but checking your text message may lead to repercussions that you and other distracted drivers will have to deal with for the rest of your lives.

In the city of Glendale, for instance, 20-year-old Ani Voskanian demonstrated the dangers of texting while driving when she was sentenced to three years of probation for gross vehicle manslaughter in August after she caused the death of an elderly pedestrian. The increased amount of distracted driving incidences in the town prompted the mayor to claim it was suffering from a "distracted driver epidemic."

Long Beach Fire Captain Convicted of DUI Charges from Hit-and-Run

Long Beach Fire captain John David Hines was convicted of several DUI charges on Tuesday stemming from a severe crash with a bicyclist in April, according to The Orange County Register.

John Hines pleaded to the court-offered DUI charges of driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury, driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 or more causing injury, hit-and-run with injury, causing great bodily injury, and having a blood-alcohol level of more than 0.20 percent.

Sheriff's Deputies, Garden Grove Officer Injured in DUI Crashes

Los Angeles County law enforcement was the victim in two separate DUI crashes over the weekend.

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were sent off a cliff after a suspected drunk driver plowed into their patrol car early Saturday morning, reports KTLA News.

The sheriff’s deputies, Jeffery Miner and James Millage, must have had guardian angels looking over them since they survived the 20-foot plummet onto a rocky beach below. Besides the impact of the descent, sheriff’s officials said they would have been in worse shape if it had been high tide.

“They were in pain and they would have had a difficult time getting out,” Lieutenant Josh Thai said. “They could have drowned.”