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Former Newport Beach City Attorney Suspected of DUI, Fired

If you've ever worked in public service, you know you need to be on your best behavior as a role model to the people you serve. David R. Hunt, former city attorney for Newport Beach, must have forgotten that lesson on Friday. Hunt was arrested on suspicion of DUI Friday night, his second arrest in a little more than a year, reports The Orange County Register.

Hunt allegedly hit a parked car in a parking lot, leading to his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. His run-in with the law is not his first in the past two years - he was arrested in March 2010 for roughing around with family members, but no charges were filed, according to The Register.

Although formal charges have not yet been filed for Hunt's most recent arrest, his antics with the law outside of the courtroom forced the City Attorney's Office to prevent the possibility of his returning to the office. Hunt had resigned as city attorney last month due to political issues regarding outsourcing, but the City Council just approved a contract with his current employer last week to have Hunt continue as outside counsel to cases he had overseen. Apparently, the council moved one week too quickly, and the office sent a letter Tuesday to Hunt's firm terminating the agreement soon after Hunt's arrest was announced.

Luckily, no one was hurt as a result of Hunt's alleged DUI incident. However, even if the most serious charge the former Newport Beach City Attorney faces is a misdemeanor DUI, the damage to his reputation may be just as bad.

It already cost him his job.

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