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Dodgers Pitcher Belisario's Cocaine and DUI Past A Problem Now

Dodgers pitcher Ronald Belisario had to play in Venezuela instead of with the Dodgers because of a drug issue and previous DUI problems, reports The Orange County Register. Belisario had visa issues in 2009 because of the DUI arrest that occurred in Pasadena.

As many Californians are aware, getting in any sort of criminal trouble can have a terrible effect on your work visa. In Belsario's DUI, drunk driving charges were avoided by his lawyer getting the charges reduced to reckless driving, reports The Los Angeles Times. A similar approach to the drunk driving charges was taken recently by wide-receiver Hines Ward.

Things at Belisario's job were also not good. He is supposed to serve a 25-game suspension from Major League Baseball.

Upon his return to driving, Belisario will have to be careful about his drunk driving, as well as any possible drugged driving. So any issue Belisario might have with cocaine -- which he denies -- will have to be kept in check.

Although driving under the influence is typically associated with alcohol intoxication, drivers can also be charged with the offense while under the influence of other drugs. However, it is harder to test for drug impairment, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has admitted that current knowledge about drugs is "insufficient to allow the identification of dosage limits that are related to elevated crash risk."

If you have been arrested on suspicion of committing a DUI causing injury, you should speak with an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney about your case. For more information on felony drunk driving, see our Related Resources section.

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