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Teresa Giudice Celebrity Apprentice Won't Help Joe Giudice DUI

Teresa Giudice, the reality show housewife, who is on this year’s Celebrity Apprentice, as reported by New York Daily News, is not the only one in the family bringing the drama.

Her husband, Joe Giudice, has all sorts of problems to his name, which includes a DUI late last year, as well the criminal activities he allegedly engaged in after the DUI caused him to have his license suspended, as reported by the New York Post.

The crimes in question allegedly involve using his brother's marriage and birth certificates to get a new license. He has since then pleaded not guilty to using his brother's documentation, reports The Record.

Joe Giudice was nabbed when his brother Pietro Giudice was pulled over during a routine stop, police ran his paperwork, but it was Joe's picture that came up.

While Joe Giudice's DUI did not occur in California, the whole situation makes one take a look at California's DUI laws. This is particularly important as California is also one of those states where you can have your license suspended for some time.

In California, depending on how many convictions you have, your license can be suspended six months, two years, or three years. And beyond that, vehicle confiscation is also a possibility.

Many people don't think about how difficult life is if you lose your license and can't drive. While that is not grounds to get your brother's documentation and get a forged license, it is a good reminder about why you should avoid drinking and driving.

For more information about DUI's in California please see below; though you won't find information on how to forge a license. That's illegal, as Joe Giudice's DUI travails reveal.

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