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Los Angeles Car Impound Policy Changes

Unlicensed drivers are out there and have been getting their cars impounded. So far, under the LAPD's rules, their cars would be impounded for thirty days, but now that rule has been changed, reports Brentwood Patch.

As a result of the rule change, unlicensed drivers that have valid identification, car registration, and proof of insurance, can avoid the mandatory thirty-day impounding.

The new Los Angeles car impound policy does not extend to include drivers that are fault in an accident, or have prior convictions for driving licensed, or, obviously, those arrested for a DUI accident in Los Angeles.

The rule change was the work of several activists, reported The LAist:

Several lawyers and activists have contended that the previous mandatory 30-day vehicle impound, often implemented at regularly scheduled licensing and DUI checkpoints held by various law enforcement agencies, is discriminatory against undocumented immigrants, since they cannot legally obtain a driver’s license.

Los Angeles car impounds are just part of the many punishments that drivers arrested for a DUI face.

A look at California’s DUI laws shows that depending on how many convictions you have, your license can be suspended six months, two years, or three years. And beyond that, vehicle confiscation is also a possibility. That kind of vehicle confiscation is a much longer kind of impounding.

Given the fact that in a DUI your mobility around Southern California is at stake you would be well advised to find a local DUI attorney to handle your case. For more information on the aforementioned topics, including vehicle impounding, please see below.

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