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Amanda Bynes Side-Swipes Cop, Gets DUI, Passes on the Right

Former Nickelodeon Star and B-list celeb Amanda Bynes, aged 26 but looking in her mug shot like a 14-year-old with too much makeup, was arrested for a DUI, according to the all-knowing, all-seeing TMZ. Bynes was allegedly driving while under the influence of some substance that impaired her driving when she tried to pass a police car. She sideswiped the officer's rear-right quarter panel. She was then pulled over, found unfit to continue driving, and was arrested. She was later released on $5,000 bail, reports the Los Angeles Times.

In order to have hit that panel while passing the officer, she must have been passing on the right. And the question that is on everyone's mind has to be, was that a legal maneuver?

Passing on the right is legal in California only in five limited instances. The first is when the vehicle is turning or about to turn left. The second is on a highway, in a business area, with enough room for two lines of traffic going each way. No lane lines are apparently required for that one. The third is if you are outside a business area, on a highway, and there are two marked lanes going in each way. The fourth is on a one way street. And the final one is, on a highway, divided into two roadways, where traffic is moving in a single direction on each roadway.

If you can keep those straight, you will avoid a ticket and probably are already a lawyer.

So there you go. Unless we know exactly where she was in West Hollywood at the time of the accident, and whether the officer was turning left, we shall never know if she broke the law by passing on the right. The situation will be monitored, just in case more details arise from Amanda Bynes' horrific accident and breach of driver's etiquette.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, passing on the left, right or down the middle are all illegal if you have a BAC of over .08.

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