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T.L.C. Reality Show D.U.I. Follows Offenders Through Court System

Starting Thursday, June 28, a new season of TLC's D.U.I. will take viewers on a journey through the court system, reports the Huffington Post. The show follows those who are arrested for a DUI, much like Cops, and the offenders as they deal with their drug or alcohol issues, like Intervention.

For those of you who are curious about what it feels like to be arrested and fight through the court system, this should be on your must watch list. Perhaps it would be a good idea to show it to teen drivers as well.

Huntington Beach Official, City Council Hopeful, Tim Ryan DUI

Well, this probably won’t help his campaign. Tim Ryan, the current Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner and candidate for the City Council, was arrested on January 28 by the Huntington Beach Police Department for allegedly driving under the influence, reports the Huntington Beach Independent. His reported blood-alcohol content, 0.20, was over twice the legal limit.

On May 2, he entered a plea of not guilty. He is scheduled to be in court again this week for a preliminary hearing.

Because his BAC was so high, he may face enhanced penalties if convicted.

Jenna Jameson Wraps Herself Around a Pole; Gets DUI

Former porn star Jenna Jameson is facing misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence after crashing her Range Rover into a pole, reports TMZ. The (arguably) most famous adult film actress in the world was, according to a 9-1-1 call, driving erratically "like a drunk person" before she crashed.

When police arrived on scene, they administered field sobriety tests after detecting signs of intoxication. Apparently, she failed, as she was arrested shortly thereafter.

California's Implied Consent: Blood or Breath?

Brother Pele's in the back, sweet Zina's in the front
Cruisin' down the freeway in the hot, hot sun
Suddenly red-blue lights flash us from behind
Loud voice booming, "Please step out onto the line "

Yep, you're getting pulled over, maybe for a DUI. Earlier this evening, you had a drink or two or six, but you totally thought you were good to drive. Now that you've made the bad decision, what's the best way to mitigate the damage?

Insane Police Chase Results in Injured Officer, Felony DUI Charge

Michael Mariano is probably facing a lot of jail time after last night's incident. According to KPCC, he has now been booked on a felony DUI charge after leading police on a lengthy chase through South Los Angeles and Compton. Considering the damage he caused and the injured police officer, expect more charges to follow.

CBS Los Angeles has the helicopter footage of the incident. Mariano was driving his vehicle erratically, with sparks coming off of his rear rims. He lost control of the car multiple times and hit multiple parked cars. The chase ended with a head on collision with a police cruiser.

Motorcyclist Violates First Rule of DUI Defense: Don't Confess

We see it so often that it shouldn't surprise us now: Someone gets arrested by the cops and confesses everything.

Whether he believed that "help us help you" drivel that the police tell everyone that they bring in, or it was merely a case of lips loosened by intoxication, it was probably unwise for Mathew Saylor to tell the cops about his pre-motorcycle crash activities last week, reports the Glendale News-Press.

Saylor, it seems, had a pretty bad night. Police say he admitted that he had been at a friend's home, consuming alcohol and marijuana, when he noticed his girlfriend with another man. He sped away on his bike, reaching speeds up to 100mph, while allegedly drunk and/or high. He then, of course, crashed.

Former USC Linebacker Gets One Year in Jail for 2011 DUI Accident

Simione Vehikite, a former reserve linebacker for USC, pled no contest to two felony charges today in court, which resulted in a one year jail sentence, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The odd case first made headlines in February, when he was arrested for a DUI accident that had occurred way back in July 2011.

Miss Teen Arizona 2010 Tori Vance Arrested for Underage DUI

Miss Teen USA's Arizona champion, Tori Vance, 18, was arrested last Saturday for driving under the influence, reports TMZ. She was stopped in Hollywood for pulling an illegal U-turn a little after 9 p.m.

The officer allegedly detected signs of intoxication, so he had her get out and attempt a field sobriety test. After she failed, she was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and taken to the station.

Woman, Late for Child's Birthday, Gets DUI, Reckless Driving

Well, we can assume that she probably missed the party. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Katherine Russell, 24, of Rohnert Park, blasted past a cop on the 101 South while travelling at 90mph in her Toyota 4Runner. By the time he caught up, she had hit 100mph.

She was stopped when she exited the highway. Her excuse to the officer was that she was late to her son’s birthday party. It also seems like she may have pregamed for the party a little too much.

Her blood-alcohol results came out to more than twice the legal limit of 0.08.

MADD Mad About Law to Reduce Jail Time

Assemblyman Roger Hernandez of West Covina introduced a bill in late February that has Mothers Against Drunk Driving in an uproar, reports the Los Angeles Times. Hernandez’s bill, which he introduced on February 23, would provide work-release credits that shorten jail sentences for misdemeanor offenders. MADD wants DUI offenders excluded from the bill.

Ironically, Hernandez himself was arrested for a DUI only a couple of weeks after the bill was introduced and two weeks before it was voted upon. It is now up to the Senate to pass or reject the bill.

MADD has said that Hernandez’s DUI charges are not an issue.

Riverside County On the Verge of Banning Party Houses?

Bummer, dude.

What are all of the University of California at Riverside students going to do now? According to NBC Los Angeles, the county is apparently considering banning "party houses" after complaints from locals about loud, raucous events that disturb quiet neighborhoods, such as La Cresta.

This isn't just a bummer. It's an infringement on the rights of the homeowners and renters.

Over 3,600 Stopped At Santa Clarita Checkpoints; Only 3 Arrested

Captain Paul Becker says the checkpoints are about more than making immediate arrests, reports The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. Checkpoints provide a deterrent factor. They educate the public. They let drunk drivers know that their conduct won't be tolerated.

Wouldn't a bumper sticker and public service announcements be cheaper?

The Signal reports that over three recent checkpoints, over 3,600 people were stopped. Three were arrested. That is not a typo. That is a success rate of less than 0.08%, which is coincidentally the legal limit for blood alcohol content. If their success rate were a drunk person, their case might be dropped.

R&B One Hit Wonder Houston Arrested For DUI

So that's what happened to that guy. Houston Summers' name has reappeared, along with his mugshot, after he was arrested for driving under the influence earlier this week, reports TMZ.

Houston's "I Like That", which featured legendary artists Chingy and Nate Dogg, was the song of 2004. The song, which featured an infectious beat, combined with Nate Dogg's baritone harmonies and Houston's R&B crooning, along with Chingy's unmistakeable unique style is the epitome of early-2000s R&B.

And then Houston disappeared.

Cinco de Mayo: Here are the Planned LAPD Checkpoints

In honor of a holiday known as much for drinking as it is for being Mexican Independence Day (it’s not), Law Enforcement is planning to step up DUI enforcement to keep drunk drivers off the road. Courtesy of the Daily News, we have a list of four published locations

In addition to these checkpoints, they will also be conducting DUI sweeps, or “saturation patrols,” so plan ahead and make sure you have a sober driver. A cab or an IOU to a friend costs way less than a defense attorney.

Cinco De Mayo: Drunk in Public in Los Angeles

To get you started on your Cinco De Drinko Mayo festivities, this is a little non-traditional Carribean-esque drink recipe that should provide a break from all of those Coronas and Dos Equis longnecks that will be everywhere this weekend. The drink, made famous by Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne, is called a Caribou Lou. You should mix it to scale, so the recipe is provided in parts. Enjoy the drink, and the song.

Now, if you do as Tech N9ne does, you'll "raise hell" and won't "stop till the cops come." That might present a little problem.

It's Prom Season: Get a Limo!

Ahhhh, prom season. To most of us, it means well, maybe nothing but a slightly embarrassing memory.  But to dress vendors, limo drivers, and this year's crop of teenage ladies, it is one of the most wonderful times of the year.

For parents and school administrators, it can become a stress-filled hell. Parents have to worry about covering expenses, finding their daughter the perfect dress, and whether their child is going to get in trouble with alcohol.