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Insane Police Chase Results in Injured Officer, Felony DUI Charge

Michael Mariano is probably facing a lot of jail time after last night's incident. According to KPCC, he has now been booked on a felony DUI charge after leading police on a lengthy chase through South Los Angeles and Compton. Considering the damage he caused and the injured police officer, expect more charges to follow.

CBS Los Angeles has the helicopter footage of the incident. Mariano was driving his vehicle erratically, with sparks coming off of his rear rims. He lost control of the car multiple times and hit multiple parked cars. The chase ended with a head on collision with a police cruiser.

He did get out of his car and try to run, but he was quickly "subdued" by a few officers with fists and batons.

According to KPCC, the use of force will be reviewed, as is standard in all cases where physical force is used.

Mariano, by the way, is on parole for an unknown conviction. Something tells us that a police chase might be a violation of his parole.

In addition to whatever time he serves off the violation, he'll also be facing the felony DUI charge, which carries a penalty of up to four years since the officer was injured.

He could also be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run offense for each car that he crashed into, plus a felony hit and run offense for hitting the police cruiser and taking off on foot.

Toss in an evading a peace officer charge, and he'll be in prison for a long time if convicted.

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