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Jenna Jameson Wraps Herself Around a Pole; Gets DUI

Former porn star Jenna Jameson is facing misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence after crashing her Range Rover into a pole, reports TMZ. The (arguably) most famous adult film actress in the world was, according to a 9-1-1 call, driving erratically "like a drunk person" before she crashed.

When police arrived on scene, they administered field sobriety tests after detecting signs of intoxication. Apparently, she failed, as she was arrested shortly thereafter.

For those in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, a matter of a couple of miles could mean a drastically different punishment. Those in LA are subject to the ignition interlock pilot program, meaning unless they are given a plea of wet and reckless, they will have to have an expensive ignition interlock device installed in their car.

The device requires the driver to blow into the machine before starting the car. If the machine reads alcohol above a certain level, the vehicle won't start.

Fortunately for Jameson, she'll not have to install the ignition interlock if she's found guilty, since she was over the county line.

She could, however, face the standard first-time DUI penalties. These include a minimum of 96 hours of jail time up to a maximum of six months, and a fine of between $390 to $1000.

Her license could also be suspended. If she requests an administrative hearing within 10 days, she will have a chance to contest the suspension. In the meantime, her license will remain valid. Assuming she does not win the hearing, the suspension sets in afterward.

Those convicted of driving under the influence are also subject to an alcohol education class, which must be completed prior to having their license reinstated.

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