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R&B One Hit Wonder Houston Arrested For DUI

So that's what happened to that guy. Houston Summers' name has reappeared, along with his mugshot, after he was arrested for driving under the influence earlier this week, reports TMZ.

Houston's "I Like That", which featured legendary artists Chingy and Nate Dogg, was the song of 2004. The song, which featured an infectious beat, combined with Nate Dogg's baritone harmonies and Houston's R&B crooning, along with Chingy's unmistakeable unique style is the epitome of early-2000s R&B.

And then Houston disappeared.

Apparently, back in 2005, he suffered a PCP-induced mental breakdown, in which he tried to kill himself by jumping out a window and then stabbed his own eye out with a fork. Since then he's attempted a musical comeback and become a spokesman against prison gang rape.

Warning: This song may get stuck in your head.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have kicked his entire drug habit, as TMZ reports that he was arrested earlier this week for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Possession of marijuana, courtesy of a decriminalization statute that took effect last year, is an infraction. The punishment is a fine of not more than $100.

However, driving under the influence of drugs carries much more severe penalties. The penalty for a first-time DUI is up to six months in jail, a fine, and probation, though the more severe penalties are usually reserved for those those extreme driving under the influence cases where large amounts of alcohol or drugs are involved, or the DUI causes accidents or injuries.

Though marijuana use usually isn't case for alarm, it seems clear that Houston Summers hasn't been right mentally for quite some time. Hopefully, this serves as a wakeup call for him and his family, and he gets additional treatment.

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