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Riverside County On the Verge of Banning Party Houses?

Bummer, dude.

What are all of the University of California at Riverside students going to do now? According to NBC Los Angeles, the county is apparently considering banning "party houses" after complaints from locals about loud, raucous events that disturb quiet neighborhoods, such as La Cresta.

This isn't just a bummer. It's an infringement on the rights of the homeowners and renters.

Now, it is highly unfortunate for the neighbors of these loud party houses that they have to deal with this on a regular basis. However, is the proper remedy a county ordinance that bans these types of homes?

County Supervisor Bob Buster describes party houses as, “It’s like a nightclub atmosphere, where you bring hundreds of people into a house in a rural setting, and then go wild.”

And the problem is?

Seriously though, the homeowners and the County supervisors seem to think that the remedy is to classify these houses as businesses and to pass an ordinance that prohibits their existence.

For the party houses aren’t actually the residents of the party planners, attempting to reclassify them as businesses and outlaw them, is, well … wasteful at best.

For those affected neighbors, their remedy lies in noise ordinances or nuisance complaints for loss of enjoyment of their property. Most cities and counties, Riverside included, have laws that prohibit certain decibel levels during certain hours of the day. Homeowners are ticketed, and repeat offenses usually result in increasingly large fines. In Riverside County, a third offense can even result in jail time.

For the county, before they make like Footloose and ban the parties, they should consider that tourism to the local wine country, and parties within the wine country, only serve to increase county revenue. As will tickets for noise violations. Or, consider setting up a re-occuring DUI checkpoint in the vicinity near the worst offenders. Solve two problems in one fell swoop.

Yes it’s a problem for Riverside, but a quick fix like this might not be the way to go.

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