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Fake IDs ... What's the Worst That Could Happen?

You’ve got a problem. You want to get your grind on at Elevate, yet you lack the proper identification due to your age.

Do you:

(a) Go to a house party instead,
(b) Get a fake ID, or
(c) Try to bribe the bouncer.

If you chose (b), you may be facing extensive jail time

Now, we all know people who have been caught with fake IDs. They get the ID confiscated or torn up. Almost none of them end up talking to the police. We’re dealing with worst-case scenarios here, because with your luck, you’ll come across the one ex-cop bouncer that hates children and hates fun.

Plus, a wise man once said, “Expect the worst; you’ll never be disappointed.”

So, what are some of the possible charges?

Obviously, there’s some overlap among the charges. Prosecutors will have discretion regarding what charges to bring, and a good defense attorney can sometimes obtain a plea bargain on your behalf for lesser charges.

Also, remember that each of these charges is “up to” a year in jail. It is possible that a first offense will merely result in probation. Conversely, repeat offenders are likely to get more time, up to a full year in jail.

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