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Bros Toss Freeway Beer to Steve Nash, Violate Open Container Laws

It’s often said that Los Angeles has the best fans. After all, Lakers fans have much to be grateful for. Kareem, Magic, West, Mikan, Kobe, Shaq, and Slava Medvedenko are just some of the legends that have graced our fair hardwood floors. Sure, we don’t scream and jump up and down like tweens at a Bieber concert. After all, we’re not watching a college game or the Oklahoma City Thunder. No, we’re more refined. We have Keystone Light.

Steve Nash should have already known what he was in for. As a member of the Phoenix Suns for what seems like forever, (and before that, as a Dallas Maverick), he has faced the Lakers and their fans many times. As great as their fans may be, nothing compares to the treatment you receive when you don the purple and gold.

You see, that’s just one example of why Lakers fans are the best fans. Bros bonding with players over beer. On the freeway. Genius.

Steve was kind enough to help with L.A.’s free agent recruiting efforts by recording the video on his phone and posting it to his Twitter account, where it went viral. Soon, every free agent seeking a beer or a championship ring will be knocking down the doors!

For those of you thinking this was a marketing stunt, Keystone is denying the rumors, reports TMZ. It seems the free beer was a legitimate good-will welcoming gift.

It’s not all warm feelings, however. Shocking footage from the other side of the frothy exchange, provided to Deadspin, shows a crime in progress. One of the “bros” had an open container!

We kid, a bit, as open container laws are not punished very harshly. The most likely result is a ticket for a hundred or two hundred bucks. However, since the open beer was in the front seat, and presumably there was more floating around, an officer wouldn’t be out of line in requesting that the driver submit to field sobriety testing and a blood or Breathalyzer test. That is the point where it truly gets serious.

Fortunately, there was no indication that the driver was drinking and everyone seemed to be having a good time … especially Steve Nash.

Welcome to L.A.

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