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Bynes Caught Using 'Drug Pipe', Rear-Ends Again; Checkpoint List

Someone really needs to get this girl some help. Soon. Though she is God's gift to TMZ and bloggers everywhere, her escalating conduct, especially in regard to substance abuse and driving, could end badly for someone soon.

TMZ stalkers followed Bynes yesterday, catching her smoking a "drug pipe," buying a pink light bulb (TMZ emphasized the color; we're not sure why), and driving aimlessly while continuing to hit the pipe. A photographer reportedly noticed marijuana in the center console of the vehicle as well.

In addition to smoking while driving, which is arguably not completely illegal (though it is stupid), she also rear-ended someone in a parking garage, reports TMZ. We've lost count of how many accidents and rear-endings she has had in the last few months. There was no damage to either vehicle, so the police were not notified this time.

Did we mention that her license was suspended?

Driving on a suspended license is a crime that can lead to up to six months in jail. Add in the potential jail time that she's already facing for her DUI and multiple hit-and-run accidents, and it's looking more and more like she doesn't understand the consequences of her actions.

In any case, we'd recommend avoiding her alleged path and getting a sober driver. Though the frequency of checkpoints is down in the post-Labor Day enforcement period, there are still police on patrol. Here are the (admittedly few) known checkpoints for this weekend, courtesy of @CheckpointsDUI:

  • Friday, September 14 - Santa Monica - DUI checkpoint - undisclosed location - undisclosed evening time
  • Friday, September 14 - Moreno Valley - DUI checkpoint - undisclosed location - 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Yep. That's it. Those are the only two known checkpoints at this time. Don't assume it's a free weekend for driving drunk, however. Not all checkpoints and enforcement patrols are pre-published.

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