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No Excuse for a DUI Tonight - Checkpoints and Free Alternatives

It’s New Year’s Eve. There is only one other holiday with such inebriated implications (St. Patrick’s Day) and that means tonight will, for many, involve a lot of boozing. Unfortunately, there will also be a few who choose to drive drunk. Though there is never a good excuse for a DUI (absent a bleeding life-threatening wound), tonight especially, there are a number of alternatives.

Here are four ways to get home tonight after celebrating surviving the apocalypse:

Tipsy Tow

Quaffed a few pints? Never fear, AAA tow trucks are running free tonight, reports CBS. For those drunk in the Los Angeles area, AAA will tow your car, and provide a ride for the driver, up to seven miles. Obviously, this means your passengers have to take a cab, but at least you won't be abandoning your car in Santa Monica. The phone number for a Tipsy Tow is 1 (800) 400-4222.

Public Transportation

What's better than taking the Metro Rail home after getting hammered? Taking it home free. That's right. Metro trains, subways, and busses, including Foothill Transit, will be operating gratis tonight, according to NBC. Check out the Metro Trip planner to see if the routes line up with your plans.


This is the obvious solution. If you can't be towed, and trains and busses aren't an option, there's always a taxicab. Sure, they cost money, but without a doubt, it'll be cheaper than the thousands of dollars that a DUI will cost.

Driving Drunk

It's beyond stupid. You can kill people, get arrested, or even scratch the paint on your cherry '64. Bad times. If you do choose to drive drunk, here's are some of the law enforcement efforts you'll face, courtesy of the Altadena Patch:

DUI Checkpoint - Santa Monica

Saturation Patrols - Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, El Camino College, El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, UCLA PD, Huntington Park, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Vernon, Long Beach, Pomona, CHP South Los Angeles Area, CHP West Valley Area, LASD West Hollywood

These are just the pre-published enforcement efforts. Obviously, every police officer on duty tonight is going to be on the lookout for drunk drivers. Though a few efforts are leaked in advance in order to dissuade people from making poor decisions, the list is never exhaustive.

Drive Happy and Safe L.A.!

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