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Three Ways to Accidently Get a DUI for Christmas

Twas the company Christmas party, and just like a Boss
Every person at (insert your company name here!), was completely sauced
The eggnog was spiked, with brandy and rum
In hopes that merriment to employees would come

The holiday season is here, and for many, that means it is time for holiday parties, either at work or at school. Holiday parties, of course, means holiday treats, both naughty and nice. These festive occasions unfortunately could come with the prospect of a very un-Merry byproduct: the accidental DUI.

Accidental DUI? People drink, then drive. How could that be accidental? Here are three ways:


Take alcohol. Add cream. Whip. That's the simplistic brilliance behind Whipahol, a type of whipped cream product introduced back in 2010, reports ABC News. The 30-proof topping masks the taste of booze with sugar and cream and makes an excellent topping for Irish coffees, pie, and other tasty treats. Just be sure that your guests don't accidently consume this and then choose to drive.

Alcoholic whipped cream? Had it not been for FindLaw legend Tanya Roth, we never would have known about such a majestic and miraculous product. Sorry boss, the blogging team is going to be out for the rest of the week.

Jungle Juice

An oldie, but a goodie, nearly every college student in America is familiar with cheap and nasty tasting sugary fruit punch laced with hard liquor. Take generic punch, add generic hard liquor, and again thanks to the sugar, you can barely taste the alcohol. It's a fixture of college frat parties and is a likely candidate to appear at many holiday parties. The concoction is usually mixed by some random bro and guests usually have no idea how much alcohol is actually in each batch.

Rum Balls, etc.

The fun doesn't stop with beverages. Rum balls, alcoholic pudding (more popular in the U.K. apparently), flamb├ęs, and sherry sauces are just some of the ways that alcohol can make its way into your food.

Short of sexually harassing a coworker, there really is no worse fallout from a holiday party than being late to work because you spent the night in the drunk tank with DUI charges pending. It's even worse when the excessive alcohol consumption was accidental. If you've had a few treats, or some odd unfamiliar whipped cream, and are starting to feel the effects of alcohol, grab a cab. Accidental intoxication isn't much of a defense to drunk driving.

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