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Year in Review: 2012's Most Popular LA DUI Stories (Part II of II)

We continue our look back at the most-read DUI stories of 2012 with ironic tweets, airborne SUVs, and pseudo-celebs getting T-boned.

Unlike the Top 5 posts, where were mostly about avoiding DUIs, these dealt more with the consequences of drunken driving, from deaths to arrests.

6. Rapper Dies After Tweeting About Drunk Driving, Speeding and #YOLO

Tragedy, irony, distracted driving, and stupidity, all in 140 characters or less. A promising rapper tweeted, "Driving tweeting sipping the cup f*** yolo I'm turning it up." Moments later, the driver of the car, who was not the rapper, plowed into a wall, killing everyone in the vehicle, including the tweeting rapper. In case you were wondering, YOLO stands for "you only live once."

7. Implied Consent: Should You Refuse a Blood or Breath Test?

One more drunken driving FAQ tackled: Is it ever a good idea to refuse to take a sobriety test? The short answer is almost never. Perhaps, for a repeat offender, pulled over for a routine traffic violation, refusing both the chemical test and field sobriety tests might result in less of a punishment than a second or third DUI. For everyone else, the penalty for refusal, and the possibility of a forced blood draw or conviction based on the officer's testimony, outweighs any benefit of refusal.

8. Drunk Driver and Passengers Plunge 100 Feet Onto Freeway, Two Die

A young driver drank to excess, got behind the wheel of a small, boxy SUV, and took a freeway ramp at an excessive rate of speed. The car tumbled over the side of the ramp and plummeted 100 feet onto a lower freeway, killing two passengers. We discussed the driver's possible fate.

9. Porn Star Lucy Lee Gets DUI After T-Bone Accident

We've got to wonder if the combination of "porn star," "Lucy Lee" and "T-Bone" led to some inadvertent Google traffic here. Either way, our ninth most popular post of 2012 dealt with the star's T-boning accident, DUI charges, and the circumstances in which Los Angeles' ignition interlock pilot program requires the installation of a device.

10. 'Bikini Girl' Katrina Darrell Arrested for DUI, Plans to Fight It

Remember the girl who auditioned for "American Idol" in a bikini? Neither do we. Nonetheless, she's a popular woman who also got arrested for drunken driving. She told the press that the cop made her take the breath test repeatedly until he finally got the positive result he was looking for. We discussed alcohol absorption and whether such a defense was plausible.

That's the end of 2012 and the end of the list. For 2013, the biggest story in DUI law will likely be how the Supreme Court rules on officers' ability to take blood by force from suspected drunken drivers. Oral arguments were heard earlier this week; a ruling is expected sometime before June, when the Court ends its current term.

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