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After a Motorcycle Accident, Protect Your Legal Rights

Motorcyclists get a bad rap for being reckless drivers and getting into lots of accidents. But that's not necessarily true; it's just that motorcycle accidents can lead to some very serious consequences.

Motorcyclists aren't always at fault either. In fact, they're often the victims of another driver's inattention, or even faulty motorcycle parts. And because there's little to protect motorcyclists in a crash, the injuries and vehicle damage are often much worse than enclosed-vehicle accidents.

Driving a motorcycle doesn't mean you're entitled to less safety on the road. But if an accident happens, you'll want to protect your legal rights by following these steps:

Don't "Stage" the Scene of the Crash

A driver or even a police officer may suggest that you move your bike off to the side of the road, just to get it out of the way. They may be trying to help, but if your bike is moved it can be harder to prove what exactly happened.

Don't move any vehicles until you've taken pictures of the scene or gotten detailed notes. Those will be important for proving who or what caused the accident.

Wear Protective Gear

This isn't just about doing yourself a favor and preventing serious injury. Wearing thick pants, boots, and even armor can help you in a potential lawsuit.

If you aren't wearing appropriate protective gear and suffer significant harm, then you may not be able to recover as much in court. Many states presume that you contributed to your own injuries (by not wearing a helmet, for example) and won't hold the other driver fully responsible.

Don't Try Handle It Alone

Vehicle accidents are a nightmare without an attorney because insurance companies bring their professionals to the table every time. That's more than enough reason to get your own legal representation.

But motorcycle accidents are different, and a generic car accident attorney may not cut it. If you don't want your lawyer to meet your questions with blank stares, consider finding a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney to handle your case. That is, if you want to be successful.

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