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NTSB Recommends Lower BAC Limit For Drunk Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has voted to recommend that all states lower the acceptable blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level for drunken drivers.

As you probably know, the current upper BAC limit in all states is 0.08%. The NTSB wants the new limit for drivers to be 0.05%, which a director of the American Beverage Institute believes would criminalize "perfectly responsible behavior," reports NBC News.

Los Angeles residents may feel the sting of this lower limit with future California DUI laws.

Fighting Field Sobriety Tests: 3 Potential Weak Points

After the Breathalyzer test, field sobriety tests (FSTs) may be the part of a DUI stop that most people remember. But FSTs can often be challenged in court.

Based on a driver's specific situation, the FST may have been performed incorrectly or may not be a reliable indicator that a driver is intoxicated.

Here are three common weak points in field sobriety tests that can potentially be challenged by a driver facing a DUI charge: