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What Does Pleading Not Guilty to a DUI Mean?

In mid-October 2013, Lamar Odom has pleaded "not guilty" to a DUI charge. The reality TV celebrity and former Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers forward was charged with one misdemeanor count of a DUI, stemming from an arrest in August, Los Angeles' KCBS-TV reports.

On the day of his arrest, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer pulled Odom over after he appeared to be driving slowly and weaving between lanes, reportedly showing "objective signs or symptoms of intoxication." Odom was also unable to perform the standard field sobriety tests as explained.

Despite all the objective signs of possible guilt for a DUI, why would Odom plead not guilty?

Immigration Consequences of DUI

What are the consequences of a DUI for immigrants? Privileges for immigrants have been expanding recently. Perhaps most notably in California, where a law was just signed allowing undocumented immigrants living in California to be eligible to apply for driver's licenses, Reuters reports.

However, these privileges are not without consequences. If a non-citizen is convicted of a DUI, the results may look very different for an immigrant as opposed to a U.S. citizen. Here's a breakdown of what immigration consequences may come from a DUI for three immigration categories: