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'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Charged With DUI

Oops, he did it again -- this time, David Cassidy, star of "The Partridge Family" has been charged with a DUI in Los Angeles.

Before this most recent arrest, the former teen heartthrob was arrested for DUIs in Florida and New York, SFGate reports.

So what led to Cassidy's Los Angeles DUI and will his previous arrests affect his sentencing?

Cassidy's DUI

Cassidy's tale of a former child star's run-ins with the law is all too familiar. In 2011, he pleaded no contest to driving drunk in Florida and had his license suspended and was put on probation. In 2013, he failed a field sobriety test in New York and was charged with felony driving while intoxicated, according to SFGate.

In Los Angeles, police pulled Cassidy over after he made an illegal turn where he allegedly reeked of alcohol. Cassidy took and failed a field sobriety test -- his Breathalyzer reading registered .19, TMZ reported. In California, the "per se" blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .08, so Cassidy's apparent reading was more than twice the legal limit.

Sentencing Enhancements

If Cassidy gets convicted for the DUI, he might need a good DUI attorney because the judge handing down his sentence probably won't be pleased with his priors.

Punishment for DUIs can vary on a case-by-case basis, but there are certain factors that can lead to sentencing enhancements. For example, if the driver had a child in the car with him or her when he was arrested for a DUI, not only will he get charged for the DUI, but he may also be charged with child endangerment. California also tends to give less lenient sentences if the BAC of the driver was well over the legal limit -- like Cassidy's .19 BAC.

For a repeat DUI offender like Cassidy, those priors may also cost him. Since his most recent DUI is his third overall, he could get his license suspended for three years, have his vehicle confiscated, or be required to install an ignition interlock device if he's convicted. Although Cassidy's previous DUIs occurred outside of California, the judge may still consider them when making his or her sentencing decision.

So depending on the outcome of his case, Cassidy may not have anything to get happy about.

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