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Los Angeles is considered the movie capital of the world, so of course the city is home to some of the biggest actors, singers, television stars, and athletes. With the large amount of celebrities in the area, it’s not at all that uncommon for Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers to see such famous people being charged with DUI crimes or involved in DUI accidents. Celebrities have the same legal rights as anybody else, so California citizens can often learn about legal procedures from their cases.

All Californians, including celebrities, have the right to a DUI defense lawyer. Like celebrities, if you need legal advice about driving under the influence charges, a Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer can help with assessing your legal issue and developing a good defense strategy. You can find a DUI defense lawyer by looking through FindLaw’s directory.

Recently in Celebrity DUI Category

3 Oscar-Winning Drunk Driving Arrests

With the Oscars concluding Sunday, it's worth noting that on more than one occasion, Oscar winners have caught the spotlight for their drunk driving arrests.

It's a nice way to remember that if you've had a brush with the law over a DUI, you're not alone. Even Oscar winners experience DUI issues.

Here are three Oscars winners who faced DUI charges:

'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Charged With DUI

Oops, he did it again -- this time, David Cassidy, star of "The Partridge Family" has been charged with a DUI in Los Angeles.

Before this most recent arrest, the former teen heartthrob was arrested for DUIs in Florida and New York, SFGate reports.

So what led to Cassidy's Los Angeles DUI and will his previous arrests affect his sentencing?

Dharma's Greg, a.k.a. Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson, Arrested for DUI

You might recognize Thomas Gibson from "Criminal Minds," a long-running crime drama. Or if you're an oddball like some of us, you'll remember him as Greg from "Dharma & Greg." Yeah. Bad 90s sitcoms live on in our heart, if not on our TVs.

Mr. Gibson was driving his Audi SUV through downtown LA early Sunday when he came across a street closed for the purposes of a half-marathon. Why would anyone run a marathon at 1 a.m.? Good question. We'd counter that with: Why would anyone run a marathon at all when they could be watching "Dharma & Greg" VHS tapes? Fools.

Devin Ebanks' DUI: What's He Facing?

Lost in the weekend’s coaching cacophony was the news that Los Angeles Lakers’ forward Devin Ebanks was arrested on Friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Ebanks was stopped at 2:32 a.m. at Hollywood Blvd. and El Centro Ave. He was booked at 3:44 a.m.

The details of his alleged intoxication have yet to come to light, though the Daily News reports that Ebanks tweeted an encouragement to his followers to join him at Roxbury on Thursday night to celebrate a woman’s birthday.

Bobby Brown's Third DUI Implicates the 'Ten Year Rule'

This week, Bobby Brown was once again arrested for driving under the influence. According to TMZ, Brown was pulled over at approximately 1:00 a.m. Wednesday after he was observed driving erratically on a Los Angeles street. He reportedly failed a field sobriety test and was taken into custody.

Assuming his blood alcohol test comes back positive, that’s two DUI arrests this year and three in his lifetime. Back in March, he was arrested for driving under the influence and later agreed to a plea bargain that avoided additional jail time. He later checked into rehab, reportedly for alcohol issues.

Updates: LA Councilman's Son is Charged; Archbishop Pleads Guilty

We’ve got two updates on cases that we’ve previously covered. Back in late August, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was arrested at a DUI checkpoint after consuming wine with family. He immediately confessed and apologized at a press conference, which left him with little to no defense.

It turned out to make little difference - he agreed to the same plea bargain most first time offenders agree to: three years probation and no jail time, reports Fox 5 San Diego. For truly mild cases, where the blood-alcohol content was at or near the legal limit, a wet reckless plea bargain might have been an option, but Cordilleone seems to have pled guilty to the full DUI charge, as the lesser plea only carries two years of probation.

Hulk's Ex-Wife Linda Hogan Arrested for DUI, Blames Antibiotics

Another pseudo-celebrity gets tagged and released. We typically warn you about checkpoints and DUI patrols on Fridays, but this week, there were no pre-published alerts. While DUI enforcement efforts will almost certainly be happening, you'll be flying blind this weekend.

Linda Hogan is the perfect example of how someone typically gets arrested. She was not caught at a checkpoint. It probably wasn't even a saturation patrol. She was simply pulled over for speeding, reports TMZ.

Is it Actually Illegal to Smoke Marijuana While Driving in California?

California is an oddly progressive state. Marijuana is decriminalized in this fine state, and our drunk driving laws are more "loose" when it comes to the use of marijuana than other states. Being that it is technically not a criminal offense to possess small amounts of marijuana, and that our drugged driving laws are more tolerant of amounts of weed that do not impair driving, is toking while driving illegal?

The question is important, not only to the average cannabis user, but to our current celebrity stalkee, Amanda Bynes. We won't rehash her exploits in detail, in large part because carpal tunnel really sucks, but earlier this week, she was caught by TMZ apparently smoking out of a "drug pipe" in her car. She then drove around aimlessly for hours and smoked again. The paparazzi-stalkers waited until she left her car and then took pictures of what is thought to be marijuana sitting in the cup holders.

Bynes Caught Using 'Drug Pipe', Rear-Ends Again; Checkpoint List

Someone really needs to get this girl some help. Soon. Though she is God's gift to TMZ and bloggers everywhere, her escalating conduct, especially in regard to substance abuse and driving, could end badly for someone soon.

TMZ stalkers followed Bynes yesterday, catching her smoking a "drug pipe," buying a pink light bulb (TMZ emphasized the color; we're not sure why), and driving aimlessly while continuing to hit the pipe. A photographer reportedly noticed marijuana in the center console of the vehicle as well.

In addition to smoking while driving, which is arguably not completely illegal (though it is stupid), she also rear-ended someone in a parking garage, reports TMZ. We've lost count of how many accidents and rear-endings she has had in the last few months. There was no damage to either vehicle, so the police were not notified this time.

'Kill Bill' Actor Gets Alcoholic DUI, Blames Prescription Meds

Michael Madsen, best known for his roles in "Reservoir Dogs" and "Kill Bill" was arrested in Malibu yesterday on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to the Asssociated Press, Madsen was driving "erratically" in a red Pontiac GTO on Pacific Coast Highway. When pulled over, he reportedly failed the field sobriety tests. A preliminary alcohol screening registered 0.21.

Shortly after he was arrested, he complained of an undisclosed medical problem and was taken to the hospital. He has since been released. TMZ reports that he was suffering from "flu-like symptoms". His attorney told TMZ that the Breathalyzer was "flawed." He told the AP that prescription medication was to blame for the field sobriety tests.