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With many DUI news stories, you’ll hear about the legal rights of a DUI suspect and how a Los Angeles DUI attorney handles a particular case. However, each case is different and your needs for legal help may vary. Consulting a Los Angeles DUI attorney would be helpful. If you would like to find an attorney to handle a case, you can contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney through FindLaw’s directory.

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LAPD Adds Drug Swabs to DUI Checkpoints

In Los Angeles, law enforcement officers have begun to use drug swabs at DUI checkpoints to stem the tide of drugged driving. The swabs, which were used New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, allow officials to test for marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit substances.

But is it legal for the LAPD to use these drug swabs at DUI checkpoints?

Recent Holiday DUI Arrests Jump More Than 40%: 4 Tips

During the 2013 Fourth of July holiday weekend in Los Angeles County, police made 43% more DUI-related arrests than they did the year before. According to NBC, nearly 500 people were arrested during a 2-day period (from Thursday to Saturday) in Los Angeles County.

The year prior, in 2012, the arrests numbered around 340.

Since our next holiday weekend, Labor Day, is just around the corner, here are 4 tips that you may want to keep in mind if you intend to include alcohol in your holiday plans:

Year in Review: 2012's Most Popular LA DUI Stories (Part II of II)

We continue our look back at the most-read DUI stories of 2012 with ironic tweets, airborne SUVs, and pseudo-celebs getting T-boned.

Unlike the Top 5 posts, where were mostly about avoiding DUIs, these dealt more with the consequences of drunken driving, from deaths to arrests.

No Excuse for a DUI Tonight - Checkpoints and Free Alternatives

It’s New Year’s Eve. There is only one other holiday with such inebriated implications (St. Patrick’s Day) and that means tonight will, for many, involve a lot of boozing. Unfortunately, there will also be a few who choose to drive drunk. Though there is never a good excuse for a DUI (absent a bleeding life-threatening wound), tonight especially, there are a number of alternatives.

Here are four ways to get home tonight after celebrating surviving the apocalypse:

2 DUI Enforcement Efforts, 2 Very Different Results

When someone says "DUI enforcement," what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many it is the traditional DUI checkpoint, where officers stop passing vehicles at random and determine if there is reasonable suspicion of intoxication by alcohol or drugs. If so, the driver performs field sobriety tests. If those fail, a chemical test is requested.

DUI checkpoints aren't the only method of planned enforcement, however. If you've seen our regular checkpoint posts, you'll notice that both checkpoints and saturation patrols are listed. The latter is a different approach to the same problem. Instead of a stationary sobriety checkpoint, the same officers overload an area with patrol cars and stop drivers who show signs of intoxication or violate traffic laws. The same process is then used to evaluate sobriety.

Holidays Approaching, Which Means DUIs and DUI Checkpoints - The List

Happy Holidays for some means a few too many rum-laced eggnogs. After all, with company holiday parties and a number of ways to "accidently" get a DUI in the name of Christmas spirit, many drivers will make the wrong decision this weekend and next.

Fortunately, law enforcement is prepared. Last weekend, officials made 456 DUI arrests throughout the Southland at over 100 checkpoints. According to the Los Angeles Times, during the same weekend last year, those numbers were even higher - 598 DUI arrests. According to authorities, two pedestrians were struck and killed by drunk drivers last weekend.

NTSB Wants Ignition Interlocks for All DUIs; Cites Wrong-Way Study

Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board issued an ignition interlock recommendation to the legislatures of 33 states that don't currently require the devices for all convicted offenders. The NTSB wants ignition interlock devices in all cases, including first time offenders and those with borderline blood alcohol content convictions, reports USA Today. Though their recommendation is non-binding, it could signal the future of DUI legislation.

Here in California, the legislature adopted an ignition interlock requirement for all offenders, except those who plea to wet reckless charges, in four counties as part of a pilot program. Those convicted of a DUI in the counties of Los Angeles, Alameda, Sacramento, and Tulare are required to install the device, which requires the driver to blow into the device in order to start the car. If alcohol is detected on the driver's breath, the car will not start.

CHP Study Finds More Drivers Drugged Than Drunk

On a recent weekend, CHP officers set up roadside checkpoints in a handful of cities between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Drivers were asked to voluntarily submit a breath or saliva sample for testing. The samples were then tested for the presence of impairing drugs, legal and illegal, and for the presence of alcohol.

What was the outcome? Out of 1,300 samples taken, about twice as many drivers were under the influence of a drug that could impair driving. About 14 percent tested positive for a drug in their system. Compare that with alcohol, which was found in only 7.3 percent of drivers.

More Checkpoints on the Way, Funded by CA Grant

If the presence of DUI checkpoints is like the tide, coming in waves, drunk drivers should prepare for a tsunami, at least here in Los Angeles County. We previously questioned the sudden dry spell, with nearly no checkpoints being announced between September 27 and October 26. Halloween brought a few, followed by another lull.

One might suspect that it has something to do with the holiday schedule. Over the summer, hundreds of checkpoints were held during the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends. Besides Halloween, what other "drinking" holidays happen in the fall? Another possible cause could have been the state's ongoing budget crisis.

Drunk Rear Ends Parked Cop; Malibu Deploys New Anti-DUI Tool

The Los Angeles Police Department scored a two-for-one special on DUI arrests over the weekend. Officers shut down a lane near Sherman Way and White Oak Avenue in Reseda after stopping a suspected drunk driver. While they were investigating, one of their parked vehicles was rear-ended by a second drunk driver. The impact pushed the police cruiser 30 feet into a second cop car. Both the drunk driver’s vehicle and the first cruiser were totaled, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

The unlucky rear-ender reportedly refused a Breathalyzer but was still arrested on suspicion of DUI, as was the person initially pulled over. A person can be convicted of DUI on the basis of the observations, though the case is certainly more difficult. Rear-ending a parked car, however, should help the prosecution’s case.