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Under 21 DUIs in Los Angeles

The legal drinking age in California, and all over the U.S., is 21 years of age. Yet, the city of Los Angeles continues to see many underage persons involved in drunk driving accidents. California has a zero-tolerance policy for people under the age of 21. An underage person who has been drinking can be charged with DUI if the BAC level is .01 percent or higher.

An underage person who has been charged with driving under the influence can face serious consequences, which includes jail time, probation, high fines, and a year long license suspension. A Los Angeles DUI attorney can help underage individuals defend themselves in court and can inform them about their legal rights. To find an attorney, you can look through FindLaw’s Los Angeles DUI Attorney Directory.

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Party Planners: Beware Social Host Liability Laws

A social host is anyone who provides alcohol to others. Essentially that's anyone who's ever had a party or just had a few friends over. Social hosts can be subject to liability for serving alcohol to guests.

But it's technically not the act of serving that can cause a problem, and in California the law doesn't apply to just any guest. Social host laws are designed to solve a specific issue.

What lawmakers don't want is for underage people to get access to alcohol and then cause damage or injuries. That means people who serve under-21 guests can get in trouble.

Dealing With an Underage DUI in California

The legal blood alcohol limit in California is 0.08% for adults over 21, which means any more than that can result in a DUI charge. But the rules are a little different if you're underage.

For those of legal drinking age, 0.08% is estimated to be the equivalent of two drinks over the course of an evening. Still, to avoid being pulled over, it may be best to limit yourself to one drink or just stick to water.

And what about the under 21 crowd? Is it that younger people's metabolisms don't process alcohol as quickly? Nope, California's zero-tolerance law has nothing to do with intoxication.

Teen Skids Over Skid Row Residents, Faces Manslaughter Charges

You never think that a couple of drinks before driving is going to land you in jail. You certainly didn't think that you'll lose control over your car and drag two homeless people over fifty feet before their lifeless bodies were pried free from the car by the Jaws of Life. Now, at age 19, you're facing decades in prison.

Carmen Elena Chavez, 19, lost control of her 1989 Mercedes-Benz after she tried to turn right at an unsafe speed, reports KTLA. Her car skipped onto a curb, hit a building, and ran over two sleeping residents of Skid Row. The car had so much momentum that it kept moving for another fifty feet. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Fake IDs ... What's the Worst That Could Happen?

You’ve got a problem. You want to get your grind on at Elevate, yet you lack the proper identification due to your age.

Do you:

(a) Go to a house party instead,
(b) Get a fake ID, or
(c) Try to bribe the bouncer.

If you chose (b), you may be facing extensive jail time

Miss Teen Arizona 2010 Tori Vance Arrested for Underage DUI

Miss Teen USA's Arizona champion, Tori Vance, 18, was arrested last Saturday for driving under the influence, reports TMZ. She was stopped in Hollywood for pulling an illegal U-turn a little after 9 p.m.

The officer allegedly detected signs of intoxication, so he had her get out and attempt a field sobriety test. After she failed, she was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and taken to the station.

It's Prom Season: Get a Limo!

Ahhhh, prom season. To most of us, it means well, maybe nothing but a slightly embarrassing memory.  But to dress vendors, limo drivers, and this year's crop of teenage ladies, it is one of the most wonderful times of the year.

For parents and school administrators, it can become a stress-filled hell. Parents have to worry about covering expenses, finding their daughter the perfect dress, and whether their child is going to get in trouble with alcohol.

Another Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Caltrans Construction

For the second time in a week, a driver has slammed into a Caltrans construction area while allegedly intoxicated, reports the Los Angeles Times. Fortunately, there were no construction workers hurt this time. However, both the driver and passengers riding in the car were injured and transported to the hospital.

The six occupants in the compact Honda, none of which were wearing seatbelts, ranged in age from 17 to 20. The car swerved into a Caltrans construction area where workers were resurfacing lanes, clipped a tractor-trailer, and then flipped. Some of the occupants were ejected.

Teen Arrested for Drugged Driving in Fatal Ortega Highway Crash

It is safe to say that 18-year-old Francisco Jesus Ochoa should not have been driving Friday morning. The unlicensed, uninsured teen was reportedly under the influence of drugs during a fatal Ortega Highway crash, reports The Orange County Register.

The Lake Elsinore teen was arrested and charged with one felony count of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while intoxicated, one felony count of possession of a controlled substance, one misdemeanor count of driving a motor vehicle without a valid license, and an infraction for failing to maintain liability insurance.

Sheriff's Deputy Seriously Injured in Suspected DUI Crash

Los Angeles authorities can pull you over for exhibiting the subtle tell-tale signs of intoxication, such as swerving, speeding, or even driving too slowly. Ramming your car into a sheriff's deputy's vehicle, however, is a not-so-subtle sign that you may be intoxicated and will definitely lead to an investigation.

An alleged underage drunk driver is under arrest after reportedly ramming into a cruiser and seriously injuring a sheriff's deputy in a Palmdale DUI crash, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Teen in Irvine Lake Crash Arrested for Manslaughter, Underage DUI

The teenage suspect in the Irvine Lake crash that killed one and injured five is under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter and driving under the influence, reports The Orange County Register.

The unknown 18-year-old driver was allegedly speeding in a Subaru Legacy with six other passengers when he lost control and smashed into a tree near Irvine Lake early Sunday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol.